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This website is designed to give every interested person a comprehensive site to find tools, for understanding and helping special needs children and adults. We believe all levels of children autistic to gifted have special needs. All children do not fit in the same mold. We are determined to provide an affordable and comprehensive variety of books, resources, and toys that those interested can find what we will be discussing in my blog.


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Once a week on Thursdays, we will provide reviews on books by experts in the field of special needs that you can find on my website, as well as resources. We will also review the toys that will assist in cognitive thinking, speech therapy, motor skills, and various levels of STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math).
I will be discussing various topics to assist children of all levels need,
specializing in special needs. These toys will also be available on my website for your convenience. There is a variety and are reasonably priced. Please join us to discuss these issues, ask questions and give me your opinions and observations. See you there.

Helping Children Grow & Thrive

  Children are our future. Every child deserves all the help we can give them no matter what their level of comprehension and development.  In addition to our patience, love, staying optimistic and happy, even in the worst of times, as well as knowing the difference between frustration and anger, we need tools to help the child learn by making learning fun with toys. These toys need to be designed for their specific needs. 

By joining my blog, once a week, you can get some of the help you need for you and your child’s specific needs.

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Language development covers a vast range of skills. Non-verbal communication, oral motor ability, speaking, writing and reading.


Plain and simple, cognition means the ability to think. Select a few of your favorite thought-building toys and watch interest and abilities grow.

Physical Skills

These can help with fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Control and facilitate big and small body movements with more precision.


Sensory toys arouse interest, grab attention, and make it possible to discover different textures, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.


Children and adults can practice eye contact with others, understand non-verbal messages, and develop conversational skills.

What are S.T.R.E.A.M Toys and Who are they for?

S.T.R.E.A.M toys are toys that help with education and development in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, The Arts and Math They are toys geared towards curiosity, learning, and education. These can be used by children and adults of all ages. 

Who will benefit from Education and development toys?

Anyone interested in assisting children or adults increase their knowledge and development.  The special needs children and adults will especially benefit from their caregiver’s interest and help with the use of fun toys.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

This quote has been attributed to several different authors, however, the earliest I have found that used the phrase was in 1874 in a passage in “The Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire”.

Although it was meant that the more schooling you got, the higher your earnings and the less education leads to lesser earnings. I am expanding that to mean that the more educated you are about your special needs child or adult, the more success they will have. The less education you have about the child or adult, the more the child will suffer.

This website has been created to assist with that education. There are so many things out there that can be used to educate. I will attempt to research those that I feel are some of the best and offer them for sale at a reasonable price and in my blogs.